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Increase Whole Foods, Reduce Processed Foods

Start the New Year “fresh” by choosing whole foods rather than processed foods! Whole foods are in their natural form and have not been changed or manipulated. Whole foods are made by Mother Nature and processed foods were once whole, but have been altered by machines and had preservatives and other toxins added to them for a longer shelf life. Notice the foods in the perimeter of the grocery store compared to the foods in the aisles. Most of the foods in the aisles are processed.

Whole foods nourish us with their nutrients and powerful antioxidants. Think of the beautiful colors in fruits and vegetables like the purple in grapes and eggplant, blue in blueberries, red in strawberries, orange in mangoes, and yellow in yellow peppers. Eat a variety of colors every day! Many of the nutrients are lost when foods are altered and processed, which may cause our bodies to crave more processed foods solely because we are not getting the nutrients we need. Have you ever felt unsatisfied even though you were full? Chances are, you were eating empty calories…a lot of calories with no nutritional value.

Now, in the New Year, is the perfect time to eat more whole foods that will nourish your body and will assist in weight loss as you consume less processed foods.

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