Botanical name: Rosemarinus officinalis.
Now that summer vacation is over and school has begun, Rosemary is the perfect oil for the events in September. The clean, strong fragrance from the flowers and needle-like leaves of Rosemary are cleansing, purifying and stimulating. Dating back to Egyptian and Roman times, Rosemary has been used as a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and detoxifier, which stimulates both the body and mind. It combats mental fatigue, enhances concentration and fights procrastination. In the sports arena, Rosemary increases circulation, which helps with sore muscles and does double duty in keeping locker rooms smelling fresh! Lastly, it is very useful when added to hair products; from Victorian times until present, Rosemary has been used to add shine and enhance dark colored hair.

Warning: Rosemary should not be used if you are pregnant, epileptic or on infants. It is too potent.

Eye Opener
Add a drop or two to your washcloth and use on body (keeping away from the eyes) to start your day refreshed!

Drive Time
Add a couple drops to a tissue and place above visor to keep driver alert.

Deep In Thought
Greek and Roman students wore Rosemary wreaths while they studied, but instead, try this air spray:
2 drops Cedar
1 drop Eucalyptus
4 drops Lavender
2 drops Orange
2 drops Rosemary
Mix oils together and add to 16 oz. water in a spray bottle. Use as a room spray when studying or working on a tedious task.

Mane Event
8 drops Cedar
8 drops Lavender
12 drops Rosemary
Add essential oils to 2 Tablespoons of olive oil. Pour 1 teaspoon of blend into the palm of your hand. Warm it by rubbing your hands together. Massage into your scalp and hair. Keep hair wrapped in a towel or shower cap for 15 minutes to increase the hair’s absorption. Wash your hair normally or maybe twice. Follow with conditioning rinse if you have dark hair. This is safe for color treated hair.

Dark Hair Conditioner
15 drops Cedar
15 drops Rosemary
Add to a bottle of a natural hair conditioner. Apply after shampooing and follow directions on bottle.

Rosemary may also be added to your shampoo bottle to relieve dandruff.

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